Creed @ Darien Lake, Darien, NY
Saturday, July 31, 2010

By: TJ Jennings



After nearly 7 years apart Creed is back and better than ever. After three multi-platinum albums and a dismemberment in 2004, the band came back together to release "Full Circle" and rock the nation with a reunion tour that is far from disappointing. From the music to the stage show Creed puts on, it's a performance their fans will never forget. Despite their more mellow radio hits, when Creed hits the stage they are about pure rock power. Take a Creed album and add some extra punch and you have yourself a Creed concert. The band is all about energy, and they show you lots of it.
Lead singer Scott Stapp told the crowd in between songs that it was a "special kind of night" and that he could "feel the vibe." It was obvious the crowd was feeling it too. Fans of all ages couldnt keep still as Stapp put his vocal chords to the test and guitarist Mike Tremonti shredded his guitar hard enough to make the devil quiver.
Tremonti even took the mic on "Overcome," the hit single from Creed's latest album "Full Circle." It is clear that guitar is not the only area of expertise for Mr. Tremonti. With Tremonti and guitarist Scott Phillips on back-up vocals, the speakers poured out mind boggling harmonies.
Creed fans were treated to all the old favorites, and the crowd sung ever word when Stapp pointed the mic into the thousands of fans packed under the tent. Creed even added a little extra flare to the old material, with giant towers of flames and a few extra guitar solos to spice things up. During "What's This Life For," Stapp and Tremonti climbed atop a massive platform as sparks poured down from the back-drop.
Creed ended the already amazing set with two favorites "Arms Wide Open" and "My Sacrifice," both of which had fans screaming at the top of heir lungs. Thankfully, it wasn't over there, as Creed came back out for two more, and definitely saved the best for last. They closed out the show with "One Last Breath," which was undoubtedly Stapp's best vocal display of the night. Then, just when it seemed like it was over, Stapp sang the opening words to "Higher" and the crowd was singing right along. When the final chords were strummed and the band was ready to take a bow, the crowd chanted "Creed, Creed, Creed," letting the Florida rock band know fans are glad they're back, and pray that they're here to stay.
Needless to say, there was never a dull moment. I think I can speak for all Creed fans when I say "Welcome Back Boys, Keep it Comin!"

Set List:

Say I
1000 Faces
What If
What's This Life For
Faceless Man
Faceless Man
Arms Wide Open
My Sacrifice


One Last Breath

Photos by Gus Griesinger

We would like to thank Tim Tobin from Livenation and Anna Loynes from Solters PR for setting up to review the show. Please stay tuned for exclusive interviews with both Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp.

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