Jeff Pilson (T&N and Foreigner) Interview

By: Gus Griesinger
Sunday, November 25, 2012

This year's installment of the Kiss Kruise brought out some interesting guests. One guest we ran into was current foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson. Jeff, you may also remember from his days in Dokken. He was invited by Adler, who were playing their first live gigs anywhere on the Kruise.

Jeff produced the new Adler disc “Back from the Dead” and also has a new disc of his own with the band T&N titled “Slave to the System.” Along with Jeff on bass, the band is comprised of his former Dokken band mates Mick Brown on drums and George Lynch on guitar, as well as music dynamo Brian Tishy on guitar.

BackstageAxxess enjoyed a cabin atmosphere talk with Jeff on the last day of the Kiss Kruise. We talked about the aforementioned projects as well as his cruise experiences. We also chatted about the health of Mick Jones and what is on the horizon for Forgeiner. Jeff also crystal balled his path for us going into 2013. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing conversation with one of rocks true good guys, Mr. Jeff Pilson.


We would like to thank Jeff for taking the time to talk to us while enjoying his vacation. for more information on T&N, please visit their Facebook page at: T&N.

If you want more information on Foreigner, please go to: Foreigner.

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