Ted Nugent Interview

By: Gus Griesinger
Thursday, June 28, 2012

It seems pretty safe to say that there are two seasons that Ted Nugent fans can count on. Touring and hunting! With summer upon us, the touring season is on. Ted, is currently in the midst of the Midwest Rock-n-Roll Express tour, named by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 10 Hottest Summer Packages of 2012. This package also includes Styx and REO Speedwagon. After this tour is completed, Ted will embark on his solo run called The 2012 Great White Buffalo Tour.

Ted took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us here at BackstageAxxess.com. We asked him about a few things which included talk about both tours, having Derek St. Holmes back with him again, and about the possibility of Gibson making a Ted Nugent Signature Byrdland Model.

Let's go on this safari run with the legendary Ted Nugent...

Gus: You and guitarist Derek St. Holmes share a long history. I saw you perform together last year and the energy between the two of you was amazing. What's it like having him in your band now, as compared to his role from the 1970s?

Ted: Maturity is a beautiful thing, so I'm told. We avoid it at all costs and naturally keep our music energy as raw and garage-band as inhumanly possible. Derek is a very gifted musical force and his amazing vocal signature on my classics is a cause for grand celebration. I have the best high energy band on earth and Derek fits right in. We kill.

Gus: Currently you are on the Midwest Rock-n-Roll Express tour with Reo Speedwagon and Styx. You are now sharing the same bill as Tommy Shaw. Every time your old band members in Damn Yankees (Tommy, Jack and Michael) have done interviews and were asked about the possibility of a Damn Yankees reunion, their answers are always similar in: "It's up to Ted!" What are your feelings about that and will you want to do it again?

Ted:I love those Damn Yankees and would join forces with these killers to make our killer music ASAP! Unfortunately life is short and I am immersed in so many of my favorite endeavors that timing is elusive to say the least. We keep our fingers crossed.

Gus: Immediately following the Midwest Rock-n-Roll Express tour, you're embarking on your 2012 Great White Buffalo Tour. Based on my own concert experiences, I know that you give the fans your all for every performance, but the dynamics change on a solo tour. What are the differences in preparing for each tour?

Ted: My gravity defying nonstop rock-n-roll dream career has a life of its own and has a ferocious power unto itself. Every minute we spend on stage is the most important minute in our lives, so it matters not where, when, how or with whom. We stretch out a lot more on solo gigs due to sheer extended time, but the attitude, spirit and approach is always maniacal animal intensity no matter what.

Gus: You've inspired plenty of guitarists over the years and rumors have been circulating that Gibson is planning a Ted Nugent Signature Byrdland Model. Is there any truth to this?

Ted:- We have talked about such a killer guitar for many years but the mighty Byrdland is such a high end custom proposition that we believe the market is extremely limited. We shall continue to push to make it happen though.

Gus: The Midwest Rock-n-Roll Express tour is scheduled to make a stop in Verona, NY, on July 3rd and the Great White Buffalo Tour takes you to Hamburg, NY, at the Erie County Fair, on August 12th. With Ted Nugent Ammo also becoming available, are you planning to make any appearances in Western New York, or elsewhere, to promote your high performance hunting ammunition?

Ted: There are no plans other than tour dates as of now, but as soon as I get my knees replaced sometime this coming fall, I will indeed do all I can to promote this killer new ammo line.

Gus: How did you go about teaming up with the ammunition manufacturers? Did you approach them or did they approach you?

Ted: I was contacted by the master ballisticians at Pierce Munitions to develop my custom loads with those legendary bullet makers. You can't imagine how much fun it is testing ammo.

Gus: Tell us about the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids. How involved are you in the planning of activities and will the kids see you there?

Ted:- This life saving charity was inspired by my great friend, mentor and hero Fred Bear just before he died in 1988. He told me on our last hunt together in 1987 to continue promoting conservation and the great outdoors to young people with the same and energy, spirit and enthusiasm that so many Bubba's in our sport condemned me for. I created TNKFK by hand picking passionate sporters to volunteer their time and energies to share our passion with youngster as the most exciting sport in the world. It is my baby but the real credit goes to all the dedicated hands-on volunteers who organize our numerous annual events where we teach and recruit another generation of hunters, fishers, trappers and shooters. It is truly something to behold.

Gus: Wrapping up here, you have a lot of experience in reality TV. Is it possible we can see a version of your family doing a show and why don't you do more acting roles in general?

Ted: We are working on another show right now! Our award winning weekly Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV on Outdoor Channel has been the viewers' top rated show forever and is as honest to God reality as it gets. The new show will be a more in your face ongoing look at how we achieve our amazing quality of life via the physics of spirituality as hands-on conservationist environmentalists. I turn down many enticing offers all the time because I am so very fortunate to be able to do all the things I dearly love. Believe me, I thank God every day that my American Dream is virtually unlimited. The word "indefatigable" comes to mind.

Gus: Thanks for talking with us at BackstageAxxess.com!

Ted: Thank You!

We would like to thank Linda Peterson from Tedquartets for setting up the interview with Ted. For more information on tickets to either the Midwest Rock-n-Roll Express tour in Verona, NY, go here: Tix for Verona. or the 2012 Great White Buffalo show in Hamburg, NY go here: Tix for Hamburg.

For more information on Ted himself, please go to: Ted Nugent.

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